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July 10th, 2003                                

Origin of Clean Good

Our dearest customers, While our product has answered your doubts, here is a story about how our product began…

In 1997, I was still working in the sectors of disinfectant agents, antimicrobial products, and food, and I was desperate to avert the chaos in the market as counterfeit medicines, poor-quality medicines, misleading advertising, and confusion were ubiquitous. However, I was unable to make any change since I was only a powerless salesperson.

In 1998, my teacher, friends, and customers provided me with enormous financial support, providing me with around 300 to 500 thousand dollars of capital. Soon afterwards, Clean Good was officially launched.

Where does the name “Clean Good” come from? The origin of the name is actually not complicated. At the time, Clinton was the U.S. president; thus, I decided to choose something that sounded like his name. Later on, an idea struck me that I should use the name Clean Good, which is perfect for the product.

It is now 2020, and Clean Good has taken up 61% of the market of the fresh food industry in Taiwan, and is ranked at the top in China’s egg products market. What is worth noting is that our factory in Jiangsu, China was set up in 2002.

The business philosophy of Dai Syko Clean Good is to fully satisfy customers’ needs.

Therefore, we have been willing to spend millions on dozens of tests regarding safety, legality, acute toxicity, subacute toxicity, carcinogenicity, irritation, inhalation safety, ingestion, etc. All these efforts are made to prove the value of Clean Good. From now on, viruses will only become more varied and will never disappear. Therefore, it is time to introduce Clean Good to your home for epidemic prevention.

Do what others cannot do; think what others cannot think; do what others do not do. Clean Good is simply beyond your expectations.

All the best,

Dai Syko Trading Co., Ltd.